How many calories does kayaking burn?

How many calories are burned canoeing

How many calories does kayaking burn?

Staying fit and healthy ain’t always fun. On the contrary, it can get boring and repetitive at times. Most of us just want to have a good time and what’s a better way to unwind than to be in the great outdoors, right?

Well, you don’t have to dread the boring workout routines anymore as we have one great suggestion for you to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Kayaking is a great way to shed some calories while at the same time enjoying some quality time in nature.

So how many calories does kayaking burn? Let’s find out!

How many calories are burned kayaking?
Three important factors come into play should you consider burning some calories while kayaking and these are your sizes, your weight, and of course, the work that you are willing to put in.

But of course, should you search the internet you’ll have all sorts of answers. That’s only natural since nature is unpredictable and we can’t always control what’s coming our way.

so if you want numbers then experts agree that an average person will have the potential to burn about 375 to 475 calories per hour of kayaking.

Take the 3 factors we mentioned above and think of it this way. A 200-pound person might burn about 470 calories when giving moderate effort while a 150-pound person might lose about 350 calories with the same effort per hour.

If we want to get a bit technical then we should consider MET. MET is how they rate a metabolic equivalent of a certain task or the cost of a certain physical activity energy-wise for a certain period.

To give you an idea MET 1 is the equivalent of you sitting in a room without eating any food. Kayaking with moderate effort is MET 5 and that’s also true for whitewater rafting or canoeing. MET 12.5 is then possible to do with kayaking, canoeing, rowing, or in competition for more than 6 mph and with vigorous effort.

So where does MET come in the picture? Well, with this formula – (MET x weight in KG x 3.5) / 200 with the result then multiplied by the number of minutes spent on the said activity.

Here is an example: (5 x 75 x 3.5) / 200 = 6.5625
6.5625 x 60 = approximately 394 calories burned.

That’s a MET 5 effort of a 75 kilograms person for an hour so you burn approximately 394 calories. You more than double that calorie loss should you exert rigorous effort on a more rigorous activity.

These data just shows how effective kayaking can be as a means to lose some weight and at the same time have some fun in the water.

It won’t be boring, it’s healthy, and most of all you get all the added benefits of the said activity. You may do it on your own or with a group of friends.

If you don’t know anyone involved in kayaking then find a local group.
Traveling is also one thing required of kayaking. Getting to the great outdoors and finding the right spots will take you to places that are new to you and at the same time add a bit of spice to your life.

How many calories does paddle boarding burn?

Standup paddle boarding should or SUP is also one of those beloved water hobby or sport that is quite popular across the world.

It’s similar to kayaking when it comes to upper body development and workouts and approximately you may lose 430 calories on a standard paddle boarding activity per hour with moderate effort.

That’s right about in the ballpark of what kayaking has to offer but still twice as much compared to casual walking.

Then, you’ll have the option to extend your paddle boarding activity into a yoga workout and lose more calories. That should be about 500+ calories if you add the yoga factor into play.

Paddle boarding is also great for your core and builds all-around body strength. And just like kayaking, the more effort and challenging the course or body of water will be the more calories you will potentially burn.

How many calories are burned canoeing?

Canoeing for leisure may burn you about 100+ calories per hour but just like kayaking or paddle boarding, you may lose up to 450 calories if you put in the moderate effort for this water activity.

Canoeing relies heavily on your shoulder joint muscles together with your core muscles and forearms. Spend a few hours down a river or lake and that should already be equivalent to spending the day doing some training in the gym. Plus, you get to breathe some fresh air.

You add in the work needed to take your canoe in and out of the water and back onto the shore then you give yourself some extra valuable workout. You can also burn a few more calories from short bursts with high-intensity efforts.

Canoeing can also be turned into resistance training and it’s an activity that puts your muscles to work without adding extra strain on your joints.

Kayaking workout

Kayaking should now be on your to-consider list when it comes to your next workout regimen to try. It’s no joke when we say that kayaking gives your body a full workout. It targets several muscle groups and you burn calories fast while having lots of fun.

The primary movements that would be required of you when kayaking involves your back and shoulders. Paddling up and front transfers weight from your laterals to your shoulders and this targets your laterals, anterior, as well as rear deltoids all in one sweeping movement.

Your pecs and chest also won’t be out of the picture. Each row gives your pectoral muscles a lot of work as you pull your arm simultaneously to keep those shoulders steady.

That’s a workout for your entire arm, triceps, forearms, biceps, as well as grips which you all need to give efficient and effective rows.

Want a six-pack? Go kayaking and your obliques and abdomen will get the workout it deserves. You will have to endure a few sore core muscles if you’re new to kayaking but that’s what it takes to then build more strength and gain stability.

Health Benefits

Aside from a full-body workout, it would then be obvious that you will reap countless benefits from kayaking so here are a few.

Weight loss

Even if you just go for an hour of moderate kayaking a day 5 times a week then you are probably bound to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. That’s given the fact that most agree that if you lose 500 calories a day from your diet you’d lose the same amount of pounds a week.

But let’s be realistic, most of us can’t go kayaking daily except if you live near a river or lake and have gears readily available every day.

Still, most exercise routines especially if you go to a gym become routine and an obligation so doing something that’s a lot of fun and learning a new life skill at the same time is a great change of pace.

Kayaking, if you’re quite committed to it can help in weight loss for sure.

Back muscles

There’s no other muscle in your body that benefits the most from kayaking than your back muscles.

In kayaking, a single stroke works out a series of muscles from your arms to your laterals and gives it a good amount of stretch as well as contraction.

This gives way for one great overall back workout with varying intensity depending on what you desire. You can go for sprints, narrow or wide grip, or even long sets. Your back muscles get in better shape when you go kayaking for sure.

Heart rate

Another muscle that gets most of the benefit of kayaking is your heart. Perhaps the most hardworking muscle in our body your heart gets all the exercise it can get from this water activity.

Kayaking gets your heart rate up like any cardiovascular exercise as it works your chest muscles too. Go for short bursts if you want to not only lose more calories but at the same time get your heart pumping like what HIIT exercise does. Factor in the fresh air then you get oxygen pumping throughout your body efficiently.

Stress relief

To kayak is to unwind and nature will help you kiss away all of those anxieties. We work hard all year round and still, nothing beats the outdoors if you want to just unplug and relax.

Kayaking is meant for the open water so will spend some time with nature for sure. That’s where all of those stresses eventually become a distant memory, well hopefully.

Exercise is still one of the best ways to fight stress and releasing some good hormones along the way as you have fun under the sun should be twice or thrice as relaxing.

Also, you’ll have that much-needed dose of Vitamin D or Vitamin sun. Takes care of your skin and fights off all sorts of diseases. Once you get back to the bustling city, you’ll be more than ready to take on what comes your way.

Relax, exercise, have fun – go kayaking!

Fitness progress

Most people fail to follow up on their fitness progress. And that’s because exercise routines can be boring but not kayaking. Once you get your groove on, you will be wanting some more. Once you pop, you will not stop.

It’s rigorous, it’s relaxing, and it will keep all of your worries away. Kayaking, since it is fun then you won’t even consider it as exercise. Once that’s your mindset, then you are sure to follow up with it and so your calorie-burning journey continues.

Other benefits

Your core muscles including your abs will also get a ton of workouts from kayaking. And, as you might not expect, your leg muscles too.

Kayaking requires balance and your core plus legs are responsible for that. So if you’re looking to build and tone these muscle groups then kayaking is a good route to take.

Talk about an all-around body exercise, right?

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Is kayaking a good way to lose weight?

An unconventional way to lose weight for sure, but is it effective? You bet it is! Put in the work and you will definitely reap a lot of benefits from this water activity. Besides, losing weight is one thing, having some fun in nature is another. Relax, unwind, and get active!

What is the calorie burn of kayaking for 1 mile?

You will have traversed a distance of one mile with only 30 minutes of kayaking. So that puts you at 200 calories give or take.

Is kayaking a good form of exercise?

No doubt about it. Kayaking is one great way to loosen up and have some all-around body exercise. Factor in the fresh air you breathe in since you are outdoors then kayaking becomes an even more effective form of exercise.

When you’re having fun, chances are you don’t get tired fast so you get more opportunities to shed more calories, lose weight, and get your body some quality workout time.

Does kayaking count as cardio?

The thing is, kayaking is not just for strength training but also pretty good for your cardiovascular health. You will most definitely get that heart pumping and put it to work.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking can be intimidating to start with especially if you’re someone who isn’t that used to water activities and at the same time, you may be thinking of the costs that come with it.

But rest assured that it will all be well worth it. If you are a nature lover, great! If not, then it may be time to explore outdoors for a change. Grab a friend or a loved one and start your kayaking journey together.

It will be fun, it will be healthy, and it’s a great way to relax your mind, reconnect with nature and people.

Thank you for reading all the way through this lengthy essay about How many calories does kayaking burn.

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