10 Best Fishing Kayaks For Under 1000 Dollars [2024]

Best fishing kayak under 1000:

An activity as fun and engaging as kayak fishing requires a lot of practice and determination. Fishing itself alone can be quite a deterring job, however, combine it with kayaking and you will find yourself in the middle of a task that requires you to show an immense amount of patience and effort. 

Not only does kayak fishing involve your body, mind, and cognitive skills in the mix, but how efficiently you will be able to score a large bunch of seafood also depends on the gears and equipment you own.

If you are in hurry

Here are my top 10 selections for the best fishing kayaks under 1000 dollars, based on my extensive research and testing on the water.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000 Quick View:

When we say gears and equipment, we usually mean your fishing rods, your baits, etc. However, one other main determinant here is the kayak you are on itself. A fishing kayak is similar to that of a traditional kayak, yet it still does possess a few differences that could totally change your game plan.

Unlike traditional kayaks, you cannot simply go for one random fishing kayak from the lot. You have to keep in mind a ton of stuff, starting from the color of the kayak (we will explain why this feature is necessary to look into later), to even the built and capacity of the product. 

With so many features to look out for, how do you know which is the best one?

Well, we do not want you to waste your time pondering over that. In order to save you from all the brainwork and hours of product researching, we are going to check out some of the best fishing kayaks under 1000 dollars here today.

Nobody said a fishing kayak has to cost you an entire kidney, and we will prove just that with this article today! Make sure to read until the very end of this article as we will also be responding to some customer queries regarding kayaks in general. 

We hope you find this article worth your time. So without further ado, let us jump right into the reviews!

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Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000 dollars

Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak

Let us start off with this amazing beauty for our article on the best fishing kayaks under 1000. This gorgeous Vanhunks kayak can be found in subtle gradient shades of white and electric blue. 

Right off the bat, we can see that the Vanhunks is of 12 feet in length. This is quite a moderate size for both large physique and petite kayakers. The kayak is made of 5mm polyethylene material, which has been “rotomolded” in order to give riders the best stability and balance. 

This 2 person sit-on kayak will allow you and your partner to row in tandem. With a total width of 32 inches at most, this large constructed Voyager kayak comes with a range of versatile features, starting from extra compartments to adjustable seats.

For starters, you will find this kayak to be equipped with bungee spaces where you can safely store away your extra safety cords and other additional gears. The bungee spaces will also keep your belongings dry. 

Afterwards, you will find the product to come with multiple stashes where you can store away everything, starting from food to personal devices to even clothes if you may. 

This best fishing kayak for under 1000 features removable seats which you can adjust until they meet your comfort needs. You will find all the nuts and bolts attached to this amazing kayak to be constructed of only high quality stainless steel. The stainless steel design will make sure nothing starts to rust even if you use the kayak for years. 

Weighing only 77 pounds itself, this large built Vanhunks kayak can easily withstand up to 550 pounds without showing any signs of wear and tear. Not only can you and your partner kayak in style on this marvelous craft, but you can easily bring along tons of personal stuff as well without having to worry about the kayak sinking or toppling over due to the weight. 

The Voyager deluxe kayak is known to be completely UV resistant, meaning it will not start to peel off even under the harshest weather conditions. Alongside being UV resistant, the kayak can also withstand a good amount of impact and weight against its body.

The hand shafts on this great beauty are coated with a strong layer of black EDC aluminum, in order to enhance the strength of the grips. 

With the purchase of this product, you will be receiving the following parts:

¾ 1 drain plug

¾ 8 D-rings

¾ 2 convenient cup holders

¾ 8 scupper plugs

¾ 4 molded rod holders

¾ 2 paddles.


  • Conveniently sized voyager kayak
  • High quality stainless steel construction of valuable parts
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Comfortable adjustable seats
  • Variety of additional features makes the kayak very versatile
  • Amazing storage space.


  • Unfortunately this product is not too budget friendly.

Advanced Elements AirFusion Elite Kayak

Our next kayak on this list regarding the best fishing kayaks under 1000 is yet another amazing model by Advanced Elements. This spectacular fishing kayak sports a bright yellow color for the body as well. Unlike its predecessor, the AirFusion Elite Kayak is not inflatable, therefore it will be slightly heavier as well. 

Constructed with the strongest polyethylene material, this amazing kayak is one of the strongest and more durable kayaks of the year. With a total length of 13 feet long (that’s massive!) and a total width of 28 inches, this heavy duty fishing kayak is one you can use for rapids, fishing, or simply just lazing around on still lakes and rivers. 

The AirFusion kayak comes equipped with strong aluminum alloy frames that keep the product stable and well balanced even on the roughest water conditions. The kayak has in-built pressurized air tubes which play a great role in enhancing the overall buoyancy of the craft. 

This best fishing kayak is much roomier and will allow better leg space, so people of any physique can ride on this without feeling uncomfortable. The high storage capacity of this amazing kayak makes it a top choice for kayakers who prefer traveling with a lot of gear and equipment. 

Starting from your electronic devices to personal belongings such as wallets and water bottles, this kayak can keep everything safe and dry. The storage compartment is also hidden from outside view, so nobody can even peer into your stash. How convenient is that?

The bungee deck lacing on this kayak works to enhance the overall stability and balance of the product. You will definitely love the inflatable coaming on this amazing product. The inflatable coaming allows you to attach or detach the spray skirt to the fishing kayak. It is recommended that you keep the spray skirt on the kayak when traveling on rough water or seas, as the waves are much larger and violent there. Otherwise, you can keep them off when rowing over calm water such as lakes or rivers.

You will be glad to know that this fishing kayak comes with an additional fixed skeg which you can attach or detach from the body. The skeg is not too hard to take off either, so you will not have to break a sweat over it. 

Weighing only 32 pounds, this high quality fishing kayak can easily accommodate up to 235 pounds. Even though the weight capacity might not seem much to people with a large physique, you will be glad to know that the in-built buoyancy feature of this kayak will do its best in keeping you and your belongings afloat at all times. When it comes to leg space, you can actually adjust it according to your own comfort. If you want, you can simply recline the footrest until it gives you enough room to stretch your legs.


  • Very durable spray skirt feature
  • High quality polyethylene construction 
  • In-built buoyancy feature works great to keep everything afloat
  • Large kayak size is great for tall people 
  • The leg room is adjustable
  • Budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately the weight capacity of this kayak is not too high.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Sporting a vibrant blue color for the body, this amazing sit-in fishing kayak comes with a total dimension of 117 x 31 x 13 inches at most. This beautiful kayak has a pretty large open cockpit and comes with a very comfortable padded seat which you can also adjust according to your own requirements. 

The SUNDOLPHIN Aruba kayak is constructed with the best UV resistant polyethylene material. This material is known to be great against external impact. You will find this amazing kayak to come with convenient back support attached to the adjustable seat. A back support is a must have feature in a kayak as it allows users to travel in optimal comfort. Kayakers with lower back pain should definitely invest in this kayak. 

Alongside having an adjustable seat, this kayak also features an adjustable footrest area. As per customer reviews and feedbacks, people with a height of 6’2” can also make use of this fishing kayak for long distances without feeling uncomfortable. 

In order to ensure optimal comfort during transportation, you will find this fishing kayak to come with handles on the side for carrying. The product also comes with a very convenient storage stash inside the kayak, where you can stock away all your necessary gears, equipment’s and of course, all your personal belongings. 

Traveling on rough water is not too easy, as the splashes can get annoying and also obstruct your view for a majority amount of time. In this case, you can check out the SUNDOLPHIN Aruba fishing kayak as it comes with a spray deflector collar attached. 

The spray deflector collar will allow you to travel along both, rough and calm water without getting drenched completely. A spray deflector is a key feature in a kayak as well as it works as a barrier between you and the water. 

You will find the gear storage hatch on this kayak to come with a shock cord deck rigging area. Featuring a total weight of 40 pounds only, this heavy duty fishing kayak can easily accommodate up to 250 pounds. 

A few people claimed that this kayak is also convenient for traveling with your furry friends; just make sure they are not too big! 

For those of you falling slightly on the smaller or thinner frame end of the spectrum, you might want to take up a cushion with you while kayaking. The cushion will allow you to get that extra height while also allowing you to feel much more comfortable. The only downside to this kayak is that the plastic corners of this product are a bit too sharp, therefore you might be required to sand them down before jumping into the water. 

Also, you will have to purchase a paddle separately as this fishing kayak does not come with one of its own. Other than that, this kayak is basically perfect for beginner and professional kayakers alike.


  • High density polyethylene construction 
  • Convenient adjustable seat
  • Comfy back support and foot rest included in the package
  • Strong and durable built
  • The foot pegs apparently allow a decent amount of control
  • Budget friendly.


  • The weight capacity of this fishing kayak is unfortunately not too high.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

With over a thousand positive customer reviews adorning the page of this amazing product, we bring to you the Intex Excursion Pro fishing kayak. This gorgeous fishing kayak sports a chic red color for the body, with the external parts being coated with a light grey shade. 

This inflatable fishing kayak is known to be super lightweight whilst offering the best customer service. Weighing only 39.01 pounds itself, this high performance kayak can easily withstand up to 400 pounds without breaking down even once. 

Even though this beauty is an inflatable one, it is still constructed with 3 ply laminate combined with a polyester core. The construction of this kayak makes it highly resistant to external impact, therefore you can stay rest assured that this kayak will not puncture under any circumstances. 

You will find this amazing kayak to come with spring loaded valves that work on high pressure in order to allow kayakers to make quick inflation. The floor of this best fishing kayak for under 1000 is built with I-beams. The I-beams allow better stability and durability to the entire kayak. You can easily travel on rough water with this amazing product. 

The 3 chamber construction of this kayak is apparently certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Not only is this fishing kayak trendy, but it also follows all the strict guidelines set by the higher authorities. 

This fishing kayak comes with a mounting bracket where you can easily store away all your fishing equipment. The craft also comes with adjustable footrests, thus allowing you to be completely comfortable when you ride. 

The removable seats on this amazing vessel sport back rests as well. Back rests are very important as it will help tone down the amount of pressure building up on your back and shoulder blades. 

You will find this kayak to come equipped with a removable seat booster as well, therefore allowing you to create more space in case you are traveling alone for a change. The kayak also features an inflatable booster pad which you can make use of in case you want to elevate your seat.

Unlike most of the kayaks that we just reviewed in this article, this best fishing kayak comes with 2 paddles instead of one. The kayak also has an integrated drain plug attached to the floor of the product. The drain plug will allow you to get rid of excess water, in case water does seep into the kayak. 

With the purchase of this product, you will be receiving an output pump, one convenient carry bag for storage, a pressure gauge that goes with the kayak, and 2 paddles for you and your fellow kayaker. With 3 air chambers equipped in this amazing product, you do not have to worry about sinking any longer!


  • Very heavy duty 3 ply laminate design
  • Strong and durable I-beams enhance stability and sturdiness of kayak
  • Convenient optional skegs included in the package
  • Additional seat booster pads and removers present as well
  • Budget friendly
  • High weight capacity.


  • Apparently the paddles on this kayak are too short.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $600

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 120 Fishing Kayak

For our next best fishing kayak on this list, we are going to check out this amazing product manufactured by the Lifetime Store. This best kayak can actually be found for a little under $600, therefore making it very budget friendly and of course, well sought after by beginner kayakers. 

This incredible camouflage green colored fishing kayak is constructed completely of heavy duty polyethylene material. High density polyethylene material is known to be very durable and of course enable optimal buoyancy. The chances of this amazing kayak capsizing is very less. 

In order to provide kayakers with optimal stability, you will find this beautiful camouflage green kayak to come with a completely flat bottom hull. The flat bottom hull design is meant to keep the kayak well balanced at all times, therefore allowing customers to travel on any kind of water without worrying at all. 

The skeg on the rear end of the kayak is meant for effective tracking. The skeg will allow you to track on a straight line without toppling over. Other than that, you will also find this fishing kayak to come with a sharp bow design on the front side. This kind of design is ideal for kayakers who wish to reach high speeds on rough water.

You will be glad to know that this amazing product comes with a dual storage system, therefore allowing you to keep all your belongings and personal devices safe and sound. The storage area is also placed moderately deep inside the kayak, hence making it almost impossible to be splashed with water. 

The front and rear ends of this best fishing kayak come with bungee lacing as well. You will find the kayak to be equipped with multiple foot rest positions, therefore allowing you to adjust the leg room as you may. 

A lot of people do not like dropping their paddle onto the middle of the kayak, and honestly, it is not too safe either. Dropping your paddle onto the middle of the kayak can accidentally tip the entire craft over. This is why you should invest in this best fishing kayak by the Lifetime Store. 

The Lifetime Tamarack fishing kayak comes with a specially designed area where you can store away your paddle when it is not in use. This will also perfectly balance out the weight on the kayak, therefore keeping you afloat in a safe manner. 

This fishing kayak comes with two bottle holders as well as scupper holders, therefore allowing you to be hands-free as well. Alongside that, the kayak also comes with fishing rod holders as well as an adjustable padded seat that you can change up according to your comfort level. 

Weighing only 52 pounds itself, this fishing kayak can withstand up to 275 pounds with complete ease. This UV resistant fishing kayak features a total warranty period of 5 years as well.


  • Very heavy duty polyethylene construction
  • Strong and durable skeg design
  • Comfortable seating system
  • Large storage area
  • Multiple foot rest positions
  • Budget friendly.


  • The weight capacity is not too high.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak

Sporting a white colored body with vibrant electric blue colored accents on the side, this best fishing kayak for under 1000 can be found under 600 dollars. Such a budget friendly purchase is hard to come by. 

Unlike any other kayak reviewed on this article, this amazing product is actually the most rugged and heavy duty one. With a total weight of only 32 pounds at most, this beast can easily hold up to a massive amount of 650 pounds! 

3 people at most can fit into this kayak, without seeing signs of tipping over or capsizing. The Sea Eagle 370 comes with multiple storage compartments, therefore allowing you and your fellow kayakers to carry whatever you want with you. 

This amazing product has hard core floors made of I-beams. The floors are so strong that you can apparently even bring your furry friends kayaking with you without having to worry about their paw nails puncturing the surface. 

The hull on this fishing kayak is termed as the PolyKrylar one. You can expect the hull to be strong, durable, and allow amazing tracking. The best thing about this fishing kayak has to be its multi-functionality. Starting from traveling upstream on calm rivers to even class III white water, this kayak can endure through them all. 

This inflatable fishing kayak comes with a self-draining valve that works best on oceans and other rough waters. This way, you can focus on your kayaking skills rather than having to take everything into account at once. 

With two molded kegs with impressive tracking features, the Sea Eagle 370 fishing kayak will allow you to travel with the utmost speed and smoothness over different kinds of water bodies. Expect only the best when investing into this rugged beast!

The high frequency seams on this fishing kayak have been welded into perfection, thus allowing the material to stay in one piece, no matter what situations it goes through. 

Alongside that, this vessel comes equipped with a pressure gauge and repair kit to assist you with, in case you suddenly come across an emergency while out on the water. The valves on this kayak are termed as 3 deluxe one way ones, therefore you know there is absolutely no chance of air leakage. 

Apparently it will only take you about 8 minutes to completely assemble this fishing kayak, starting from inflating it to attaching all the cords and cables in place. The fast assembly time means you can make use of this amazing kayak right from the get-go. 

Spend your hard earned money on this beauty in order to get the best facilities ever expected from a fishing kayak. The various versatile features and convenient facilities of this product will ensure you travel in total comfort during the entire year.


  • The seams are welded with high frequency
  • Strong weight capacity
  • Exceptionally comfortable deluxe seats with back rest
  • The footrest area is adjustable, thus making the kayak ideal for tall people as well
  • Budget friendly purchase
  • Impressively durable floor.


  • The fins on this fishing kayak are not of adequate length.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 700

On this list, we talk about the best fishing kayaks under $700.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

Constructed with one of the best materials known for manufacturing fishing kayaks with, this PVC Sevylor Coleman Colorado kayak will get you where you need to be. 

This amazingly budget friendly fishing kayak comes with a super thick tarpaulin bottom design that makes sure you get the best stability that you deserve. The tarpaulin bottom also works to prevent holes and punctures from taking place by acting as a barrier between the debris under water and the floor of the kayak. 

Similar to protecting the bottom of the kayak, the top of the product is also sheltered with a thick nylon cover. The cover is very durable and is also resistant to the harsh ultra-violet rays of the scorching sun above. This impressive kayak features multiple air chambers that will keep you afloat even if things happen to go awry accidentally. 

You will definitely love using this kayak on rough water as it allows you to add an electric motor to the mix. A motor will change up your entire kayaking game, by not only making you look cooler but also much faster than the rest.

This best fishing kayaks under 1000 comes equipped with useful holders where you can store away your fishing rods and other fishing equipment. You can also store your paddles in the holders. 

The best thing about the pole holders is that they allow kayakers to travel hands-free. You can leave your fishing pole at a certain angle and not worry about it falling over. 

Alongside that, this best fishing kayak comes with mesh pockets on the sides of the walls as well, where you can store your water bottles and small belongings. If you want, you can also store your pouches and other belongings with the help of the d-rings attached to the kayak.

You will find the Boston valve of this fishing kayak to come threaded for quicker inflation and deflation. This kayak comes with an airtight system that will make sure the craft has perfect buoyancy levels at all times. Attach the trolling Sevylor motor to the rear end of this amazing fishing kayak in order to expand your fishing experiences even more.

Weighing only 18.37 pounds itself, this two person inflatable fishing kayak can hold up to 470 pounds with complete ease. The total length of this amazing product is 10 feet 9 inches, with total dimensions of 30.5 x 19.3 x 11 inches.


  • Beautifully crafted fishing kayak
  • High quality 1000D tarpaulin bottom 
  • Strong and durable nylon cover on the top of the kayak
  • The Boston valve is threaded for easier inflation and deflation 
  • Budget friendly 
  • Weight capacity is impressive compared to the size of the kayak
  • Convenient paddle and fishing equipment holders.


  • Apparently the paddle holders are loose.

Perception Pescador 12 Kayak

Our next best product on this list is this amazing sit-on-top Pescador kayak by the brand Perception Kayaks Store. This high quality fishing kayak sports a vibrant mix of shades such as purple, neon pink, electric blue, and white.

This beautifully crafted fishing kayak features a moderately large size of 12 feet with a total width of 32.5 inches at most. The large built of this best fishing kayak under 1000 makes it appropriate for big-built kayakers and petite kayakers alike. 

Compared to its predecessor, this new Pescador 12.0 model is now faster, smoother and more stable. The large built of it gives rise to better balance and speed. You will genuinely enjoy kayaking on this master piece if your sole priority is to score a good number of fish. 

The vibrant yet subtle shades on this kayak will definitely camouflage you in front of the fish but still allow you to be very visible to passerby’s and other kayakers around you. Combining safety with style, this amazing kayak is the one you need to invest into. 

Coming equipped with multiple storage areas, you can stock away all your essentials and personal belongings in the various chambers on this gorgeous kayak. The best thing about this kayak is that the storage system is completely hidden away from the outside view. So not only will your belongings stay perfectly safe, but they will also stay dry as water splashes will not be able to reach them. 

Putting customer comfort as their main priority, the manufacturers included a very comfy inflatable seat which can easily be adjusted as per user preference. The seat can also be reclined to some extent, therefore allowing you to perfectly relax while you wait for the fish to catch onto your bait. 

This incredible fishing kayak comes with foot rests as well. You can adjust the foot rests as you will, therefore making your kayaking session not only enjoyable but also super relaxing. The foot rest is appropriate for paddlers of every built, making the product unique and definitely versatile. 

What was thought of a myth at first is now a fact; the Pescador 12.0 fishing kayak really does come with an in-built buoyancy feature! This amazing feature makes the kayak highly sought after due to its reliability and of course, safeness. This kayak is the best for those who feel nervous and icky when rowing over rough water. Do not worry, this kayak has your back! 

Lastly, when it comes to the construction of this amazing product, you can expect the Pescador 12.0 to be constructed with the best and strongest one-piece polyethylene material. The kayak weighs around 64 pounds only, yet it can accommodate up to 375 pounds with complete ease. Invest in this UV resistant fishing kayak if you want something unique, safe, and well within your budget.


  • Beautiful shading on the body
  • High quality polyethylene construction 
  • UV resistant coating 
  • Versatile features
  • Multiple storage stashes.


  • The total weight capacity does not do justice to the price of the product.

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler kayak

A trendsetting in the industry, this beautiful yellow colored fishing kayak is the one you deserve to own. The StraitEdge Angler kayak is a sit-on, inflatable one. Right off the bat, we can note that this kayak will be light weight due to its material of construction. 

The StraitEdge kayak come with super wide beams that allow the product to have optimal stability and balance at all times; even on the roughest water conditions. 

With built-in aluminum ribs present, you can expect this amazing kayak to be able to track perfectly fine on confusing and violent water. The abrasion pads on this kayak are strong and heavy duty, therefore providing users with optimal durability. 

You will find this kayak to come equipped with multiple air compartments, thus making sure the product stays afloat for a really long time even if a puncture or hole appears. The multiple air compartments work to separate the air circulation inside the kayak in balanced amounts, therefore increasing its longevity and overall endurance. 

The best thing about this amazing kayak is probably its accessory frame. The accessory frame is removable, hence allowing kayakers to customize their craft as they will. You can easily attach fishing rod poles, inflatable lumbar supports and other additional supplies to the frame without having to worry about the entire kayak getting too heavy. 

In case the frame bothers you or obstructs your spaciousness, simply just take it off and you will be good to go. 

Other than that, this kayak will also provide you with a large space for gear storage, where you can easily store away personal belongings. The storage compartment is well hidden away from the outside view, therefore making it very safe for personal devices and even wallets. 

With a total length of 9 feet 8 inches and a width of 35 inches at most, this best fishing kayak under 1000 comes with an inflatable seat. You can adjust the seat to your requirements, therefore allowing you to kayak in style and of course, optimal comfort. 

Even though the product has a super lightweight of only 41 pounds at most, it can still easily withstand a total weight of 300 pounds. The stainless steel d-rings on this beauty will make sure your kayak performs smoothly all year round without showing so much as a hitch. 

Combining the best performance with amazing safety measures and durability, the StraitEdge Angler fishing kayak is the greatest deal of the year. You will definitely love this kayak as it is not only budget friendly but also super chic and trendy. Nothing beats kayaking in style and safety on fast rapids. 

You will be glad to know that this incredible product is also covered by a warranty period of 1 year, therefore allowing customers to receive assistance from the manufacturers at any time.


  • Convenient storage compartments
  • The fishing kayak is equipped with stainless steel d-rings
  • High quality removable accessory frame
  • The product itself is very lightweight but can withstand a large amount of weight
  • Moderately comfortable seating arrangement
  • Budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately, the kayak does not come with a pump so you will have to purchase that separately. Bummer.

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

For our last product on this list today, we are going to review this fabulously large 3 person fishing kayak manufactured yet again by Sevylor. This high performance kayak sports a beautiful color-ways ranging from dark blue, light grey, and pristine white. 

This best fishing kayaks under 1000 comes with a total weight of only 34.76 pounds yet it can impressively hold up to 490 pounds with complete ease. However, you can still include a pet to the mix and watch the weight capacity become flexible until it reaches 520 pounds. Just make sure to stop around that weight limit, as you do not want to take a chance in capsizing the entire craft. The kayak is also certified under the NMMA, therefore making it perfectly safe to travel on rough waters and oceans. 

This bad boy comes with durable and comfortable adjustable seats that you can move around until they fit you and your desired level of comfort. The kayak also comes with very convenient spray collars that will work to keep you, your fellow kayakers, and all your personal belongings completely safe and dry from the water splashes.

The footrest area on this fishing kayak is also quite adjustable, thus making the craft ideal for tall kayakers. The extra storage compartments are also well hidden inside the kayak, hence you can store whatever you want there without having to worry about things getting wet. 

You will find this amazing product to come equipped with multiple air chambers as well, thus keeping your safety as the top priority. No matter what happens, you can expect this gorgeous kayak to stay afloat and in one piece at all times. 

Just in case the kayak does get punctured due to some unfortunate circumstance, worry not! The multiple air chambers on the craft will work to bring you and your partners back onto shore, safe and sound. 

Complete with a tarpaulin bottom, this heavy duty fishing kayak will protect you and your loved ones from sinking into the water. The tarpaulin is very durable, therefore making sure nothing pierces through the product. In short, this fishing kayak is more or less indestructible. 

Constructed with high density PVC material, this amazing fishing kayak can withstand any kind of external impact that is thrown at it. The ruggedness of the PVC construction makes this kayak an ideal craft for both, small, calm lakes and even rough, oceans. 

As this fishing kayak can easily accommodate three people at once, you can even bring in a pet in case one fellow kayaker decides to bail out. The strong I-beamed floor and tarpaulin bottom will make sure nothing penetrates the kayak; not even the sharp nails of your pet. 

This fishing kayak can be found with and without paddles in the package so make sure to clearly state what your preference is before placing the final order for it. With dimensions of 30.4 x 19.5 x 11.5 inches in total, this best fishing kayak for under 1000 is the one you should definitely get your hands on right now!


  • Super durable tarpaulin bottom 
  • Hardcore I-beamed floors are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of pressure
  • Impressive total weight capacity
  • Lightweight product; thus perfect for transportation 
  • Versatile features 
  • Three people large kayak can accommodate pets as well
  • Budget friendly purchase.


  • The product does not initially come with paddles, so you need to specify your order clearly.

Fishing from a kayak tips:

Kayak fishing can be all fun and games until something goes wrong because of the kayaker not being observant enough. You should also know that fishing from on top of a kayak is much different than fishing from on top of a bank or boat. Due to this, the techniques associated with this type of fishing varies greatly as well. In order to enjoy this activity in the best way possible, you should follow a few tips when fishing from a kayak:

  • Make sure to always have a life jacket on. It does not matter how close or far you are from shore, as wearing a life jacket is compulsory. If the life jacket feels too heavy on you and obstructs your fishing techniques, make sure to custom-make a specialized life jacket for yourself and your loved ones. A customized life jacket will have a better fit on your body, feel comfier while also keeping you safe and sound.
  • Fishing from a kayak is not the same as fishing from a boat. This is why you cannot use the same techniques here. The main thing you should do is learn how to cast one-handedly. This might seem quite hard at first, especially if you are used to fishing from a boat. 

A kayak is not as stable as a boat, and there surely isn’t enough leg room to stand up and cast a bait with two hands here. This is why you should practice casting with one hand before you actually set out for kayak fishing. 

If you do not own a kayak yet, or do not have a kayak rental close by, you can simply practice the same one-handed fishing technique from your boat. It might feel a little odd at first, but trust us when we say that it will definitely pay off in the real scenario.

  • Similar to casting your bait with one hand, you also have to master the art of paddling your kayak single-handedly. A kayak feels much harder to row than a boat, mainly because of how close you actually are to the water. As a result, the gravitational pull on you is far greater on a kayak than on a boat. 

It might not be as easy to paddle with one hand at first, but with enough practice and of course dedication, you can soon master this art too. 

In order to steer yourself back onto the shore when you score a big catch, practice locking your paddle along the upside of your forearm. We know, this might seem silly to you at first, but it is the best way to keep yourself rooted in one place while you reel your catch in.

  • A kayak is not as heavy as a boat or canoe. This is why you should always invest into fishing rods and baits specifically made for kayak fishing. A bait or rod that is too heavy could have an adverse effect on the balance of your kayak, in turn steering you into directions that you do not want to head to.

However, if you are unfortunately stuck with inappropriate rods and baits, why not use their weight to your advantage?

Baits and rods will have a substantial amount of weight to them, which you can use to actually steer yourself without necessarily doing anything with your hands! The trick of doing so is to cast your bait in such a direction, that if it starts to put weight on the kayak itself, it will be in the direction that you want to go. 

This is not as easy as it sounds, but with some proper navigational and directional skills, and of course a compass, you can soon learn how to cast a bait in a direction that works best for you and your kayak fishing techniques.

  • Always invest in brightly colored fishing kayaks. In order to fish from a kayak, you will most probably need to travel mid-river most of the time, therefore you will definitely be quite far from the shore and from your fellow kayakers. 

As a result, it might be quite hard to spot you in the distance during bad weather conditions if your kayak is not vibrant or bright. 

Try not to purchase dull or muted colors. Anything that might camouflage you in the distance will be of threat to your life later on, in case of an accident occurring.

Buying Guide | Things to consider before buying a fishing kayak:

Before we commence the end of this article, we thought of adding an entire section where we discuss about all the factors and important things you need to consider before buying a fishing kayak. 

Some factors might not apply to most kayaks, however, all good quality fishing kayaks will possess at least one or two of the below mentioned points.

It is necessary for you to first learn what kayaking is, what size of kayaking you should invest in, the weight capacity limits, etc. before you invest in the model of your dreams. 

Not only will the knowledge gained allow you to steer clear of scammers and other fraudulent retailers, but it might also help you purchase a far better quality fishing kayak than the one you initially had set your eyes on. 

Well, enough with the dilly-dallying. Let us check out the factors you need to keep in mind real quick.

1) Size

This is the most important factor that you need to consider whenever investing in a kayak. The size of the kayak will determine how many people the product will be able to accommodate. However, you should not confuse the size of the fishing kayak with the total weight capacity of it. Those two terms may sound alike and have similarities between them, yet they play completely different roles. We will get to the weight capacity later down below. 

A high quality fishing kayak should be around 10 to 12 feet in length, as this size will be ideal for both short and tall people. When it comes to the width, the fishing kayak should be around 35 inches or so, from one side to the other. 

You should avoid investing in narrow spaced fishing kayaks as it can be quite hard to get into such a craft in the first place. There are tons of stories about people falling off into the water due to not being able to step into narrow kayaks. Remember, a kayak will not have too much leverage to hold onto, hence getting a wide enough craft will be your best bet here. 

2) Weight

Coming to the weight factor of fishing kayaks, know that not all kayaks have to extremely lightweight or extremely heavy. You can find a lot of kayaks that are able to withstand a total weight of 500 pounds, yet they will weigh only 35 or so pounds themselves. 

However, it is better to invest into a low weighted product with a high accommodation capacity. A low weighted product is much easier to transport from one place to another. They are also easier to store away in small and compact places.

Good quality kayaks will be able to withstand a total weight of around 400 to 500 pounds with complete ease. You should first check the weight capacity of the fishing kayak you are interested in, rather than the price or style of it. 

Of course, the aesthetic of the kayak also matters greatly, however, always put your safety first and then visual appearance. 

3) Style

There are many styles of fishing kayaks that you can find on the market, however the most common one is constructed with high density polyethylene material. This material is known to be very cheap, yet it packs in a lot of punch stability-wise. 

Other materials of construction include synthetic as well, however kayaks made of this material might not feel too sturdy. A high quality kayak should also come equipped with a very durable and strong tarpaulin bottom in order to make the kayak almost indestructible against punctures and external holes. 

4) Stability

Stability is one of the main factors that determine how well you can stay afloat on the water. An impressive fishing kayak will come with the necessary features that will allow you and the craft to stay afloat even on super rough water. 

However, if stability is your main priority of interest here, we recommend you to avoid investing in inflatable kayaks as they are pretty lightweight. The lightweight built of an inflatable fishing kayak does make it amazing for transportation and portability, but it will not be able to keep you safe on rough and violent waters. 

For enhanced stability, invest in strong plastic or wood constructed fishing kayaks. These might fall on the slightly pricier end of the spectrum and even require more than one person during transportation, however, you and your loved ones will stay safe and that is really what you should be looking for in the first place. 

5) Storage and extras

Who does not like freebies, right? Similar to receiving extras with every other product sold on this planet, you can also receive tons of extra features on your fishing kayak. 

Look for fishing kayaks that come with multiple storage compartments. Most large sized inflatable kayaks will come with this feature, therefore allowing you and your fellow kayakers to travel with a lot of gears and equipment at once. High quality and super large kayaks of at least 12 feet in size might also allow you to travel with an entire camping gear!

Alongside storage, make sure to check if the fishing kayak of your choice comes with multiple air chambers or not. 

Multiple air chambers are a very important feature for a good fishing kayak to have, as they will keep you afloat and safely bring you back to shore even if the kayak comes across a puncture or two. 

Other extras that you can look forward to in a fishing kayak are bottle holders, cup holders, fishing and paddle holders, hidden storage chambers, etc.

Though the above mentioned extras are not necessarily a must have feature in a kayak, they sure do help out a lot if you are someone who likes traveling big and heavy all around the year. 

6) Cost

Lastly, the final factor to consider when purchasing a fishing kayak is the cost of it. You can find high quality kayaks from anywhere ranging around 300 dollars to even 3000 dollars!

But the price tag does not really matter at all. You can find really cheap quality kayaks from over 2000 dollars yet find the best fishing kayaks under 1000 dollars only as well. It all depends on what features you expect your fishing kayak to have, the brand of it and of course the quality and construction of it. 

If you want something solely for the purpose of fishing and no other aesthetic reasons, then you can easily find high quality fishing kayaks under 400 dollars with ease. 

But for those of you wanting some extra features and maybe additional facilities, stay prepared to spend a little over 500 dollars for the fishing kayak of your choice.

People Also Ask:

Let us now take a very quick look at some of the questions a lot of people have regarding kayaks in general. These questions are for kayaks in general, so you might want to look into this section if you want to know more about the craft itself. 

Where to buy a kayak?

Starting from kayak rentals to any sports store that specifies in water sports, you can find kayaks quite easily. Most stores might need you to pre-order the kayak of your choice, especially if you want to be kayaking during peak-season. 

However, for off-season kayaking, you can even find these beauties in any online and offline store. 

Can you kayak while pregnant?

Since kayaking is actually a very high intensive sport, it is not recommended to take part in this activity whilst pregnant. You might find it okay to embark on this activity during the early stages of your pregnancy, but we strictly advise you to avoid doing so.

Kayaking is a very demanding activity, thus it might lead to an unfortunate miscarriage if you are not careful enough. 

Which kayak is better, sit in or sit on?

Both types of kayaks are amazing, so the choice of choosing one depends solely on customer preference. However, first timers might like sit-in kayaks better as it feels much snugger and protected than sit-on kayaks.

You can transition from a sit-in kayak to a sit-on one later after you gain a substantial amount of kayaking experience. For first timers seeking sit-on kayaking, it is recommended you do so with the help of a guide or fellow kayaker. Make sure to only travel close by and in shallow waters the first few times you do embark on this activity. 

What color kayak is best for fishing?

Any bright colored kayak is great for fishing. You should go for kayaks that sport either a vibrant yellow or vibrant blue for the body as that will allow people from afar to spot you much more easily. 

The color of the kayak does not really matter too much when fishing as the result of how well you can score a catch depends mostly on your kayak fishing skills. In any case, invest only into bright, neon colored fishing kayaks as it will allow guides and other kayakers to spot you from afar, especially during bad weather conditions. 

How much weight can a kayak hold?

A kayak can hold up to anywhere from between 200 to 600 pounds with ease. The weight capacity of each kayak will vary with the model, size, and brand of it. Sometimes, two same models bearing different price tags might also have varying weight capacities, so make sure to research properly at first and invest in a high quality fishing kayak later. 


Honestly, kayak fishing can be the most relaxing activity if you know just how to navigate yourself.

From being so close to the water to the calm serenity around you, kayak fishing is the best way to get closer to nature while also enjoying quality time alone or with a loved one.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best fishing kayaks under 1000 and that it was helpful to you. Thanks for staying until the end!

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