Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart Review

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart Review:

Bring it on your heaviest kayak, my kayak cart can lift everything! If you couldn’t buy your favorite kayak because you were too afraid to lift it to the water and back to the car yourself, it will be only an excuse, now that you will be introduced to my favorite kayak cart which has the ability to carry up to 330 lb.

Now enjoying a great boat excursion is just a kayak cart away! The super-easy transportation also makes it extremely efficient and I bet you will fall for all its charm. Let’s get into my favorite wilderness systems heavy duty kayak cart review.

Features of Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart to make it fall for it

Beach wheels

These wheels are the ones carrying all the load and giving you the luxury of transporting your heavy-loaded kayak with ease and comfort. Don’t worry about the hand aches anymore due to all the lifting and dragging stuff, get it once, only focus on using your hands on fishing for the rest of your life. 

These basically come in a Ballon shaped form for no interference in rolling over the sands of the Beach. After using it for so many months, surprisingly the wheels are not showing any sign of going flat. The diameter of 13″ and width of 7.5″ made this beach wheel able to carry up to 330 pounds. 

Not only that, there’s a place for an upgrade by replacing it with an all-terrain wheel. After upgrading, now my kayak cart can lift not only my kayak but probably me on it too! Now it has a capacity of up to 450 pounds.

breakable body parts

I wouldn’t like to buy a bigger 4-wheeler just to transport this big kayak cart. I’m sure neither of you would. But thank god it breaks into pieces to be perfectly fit on the storage hatches of large kayaks without taking up unnecessary spaces.

Also, It’s super easy to install them back again. I found no complicated steps, I was provided with a proper guide to do so in case I feel confused or lost in any step. Indeed space and time-consuming!

Security straps

There are two extra security straps for 100% reliance on the kayak cart. It’s very natural to feel a little insecure about your expensive big beauty and you don’t want something to happen to them like falling from the cart by losing the balance.

So to provide extra security, they have provided two straps to tie down the kayak and leave the rest to Its beach wheels.

Two height options

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart comes with two height options one for odd-shaped hulls and another for a lower center of gravity of the hull.

The option is to set the height manually to 18 inches for the odd-shaped hulls to prevent its rubbing on cartwheels and 16 inches for the lower center of gravity ones to avoid tip-overs.

Adjustable width

If you fear your kayak might slip from the cart, they got you! In fact, they have covered all the things you might be concerned about in a kayak cart. I heard they were the 2018 winner of Paddling magazine in the “best transport/storage/launching’ category.

No wonder why! For the prevention of the kayak from twisting and slipping sideways Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart comes with an adjustable width feature.


The Frame of this heavy-duty fishing kayak is constructed of marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy giving it superior strength and durability. It also has been backed by a 1-year warranty if in case you got unlucky.


1✅ Easy to load and unload

2✅ Superior strength

3✅ 2 Security straps

4✅ Easy transportation

5✅ Breakable for storage advantage

6✅ Lightweight

7✅ Quality material made

8✅ All fishing kayak types

9✅ Super easy to pull


1⛔ Didn’t hold the air pressure on wheels for so long, it needs to be kept on inflating after some days.
2⛔ Can feel a little pricey!

FAQ Section:

Does amazon sell just the inflatable wheels? I want different wheels to switch my present ones to better ones.

A: Yes they do. The Beach Wheels and Flat-Free Wheels are both available on Amazon.

Will this work with a 40” wide and about 210 pounds “Bote Rover”?

A: Yes why not! The cart will work absolutely fine with the Bote Rover, just make sure it does not exceed the maximum weight capacity.

Can we buy the cart without the wheels?

A: Yes I use them on Grass and Sand

Final words

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart comes with a lot of fascinating features I’ve broken down for you and many more. It looked promising to me before purchasing, but after purchasing I’ll say once you start loving something, you can never un-love it. I’m totally hooked with this kayak cart and I know you will be too.

Besides, they have a return policy for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt. So why wait to see it for yourself! Happy purchasing!

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