Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Review

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Review:

How about a piece of sunrise? Yes? Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is here for you if you want to enjoy the sun and surf with your favorite companies!

Has a weight capacity of 375 pounds and a seating capacity of 2 and a child or a furry love. This one’s unbeatable for family adventures. I know this can be interesting for you and you sure want to know more about it.

So let me break it down to you with my Ocean Kayak Malibu Two review after spending so much time experiencing everything it had to offer.

Features of Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Comfortable seating system

This model gives you a good time with your family or loved ones in the ocean away from all the stress and hassle of day-to-day life. They care about your comfort sitting on it.

So it comes with two comfort plus seats which are manufactured with four-way adjustability. It generates a custom fit and greater slip prevention over-molded seats. It also comes with two comfortable backrests. The front seat comes with an 18.5″ bow seat well and the rear one comes with a 20.25″ stern seat well.

Additionally, it has another seating space for a child or your pet. Perfect for surfing the ocean with all the flock of your family!

Sit-on-top hull

This model ensures easy getting in and off the kayak for its sit-on-top system. It’s very comfortable to sit in and easy to move. You will get space to stretch your leg as you will have the advantage of an open sit-on-top hull. SOTs are usually more stable.

This model is no less than that. The hull gives great stability to ensure safety. It can be your reliable partner on a wavy water surface. It also comes with two built-in handles on both sides of the kayak and a skid plate.

Patented overlapping footwells

Being comfortable on the kayak is a must for any paddler. Patented overlapping foot wells of Ocean Kayak Malibu Two do this trick allowing center-seated paddlers to settle in and have a comfortable foot bracing.

These multiple footrests give the paddlers the luxury of choosing their comfortable ones according to their size and height. Anyone can enjoy surfing on it for its ‘everyone’ friendly footrest system.

Perfect dimensions

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two with the dimensions of 144″ X 34″ X 20″ is very suitable to work with for 2 paddlers. It not only gives space for each person to sit comfortably and rest their feet, but also it’s perfect to maneuver a two-person kayak.

The length of 12 feet is great to build some speed and the width of it does make sure to give stability and balance to the paddlers despite the speed.

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Great weight capacity

Weight is not a concern in Ocean kayak malibu two. This 57 pounds kayak gives the luxury of weight capacity up to 362 pounds or 162 kilograms. Enough for 2 people to enjoy surfing and having a good experience.

Even after that, you can take any child or pet to make a good memory for them. Make sure not to exceed the weight capacity though!

Front and rear T handles

You know how important the transportation systems are. I mean I’m sure you can’t tow it to everywhere you go. The two T handles save you from that. Being a two-person solid shelled kayak, it is lightweight compared to its other brothers.

But you can’t live in a fool’s paradise expecting it to be as lightweight as any inflatables. Because It’s not, it can’t be! So it has front and rear T handles to make the transportation super easy.

You can either drag it by the front handle, or you can easily lift it by the front and rear handle with the help of your other paddling partner and carry it wherever you want to.

Durable construction material

Ocean kayak malibu two is constructed with single-layer polyethylene that makes a hard shell of the hull. They give resistance to snags on your way and last longer. Also, hard shells are easier to move on the water than inflatables. They can generate enough momentum to cut through the water and make the kayak easily move.

Self-draining holes

When you’ll be on the water, you can tell there will be some water on your kayak entering for many reasons. It can be a little troublesome and annoying to remove that water.

But the worries are not for you if you are on the water with Ocean Kayak Malibu two! This model has a built-in draining system. It self-drains any water entered into the hull. Less work for you!

Equally efficient on the lake, river, and ocean

Who wants to have different kayaks for different kinds of waterholes? At Least not you and me! So It is designed by considering the everywhere usable concept.

It is a perfect recreational model for lakes, rivers, and oceans. It provides stability, safety, and comfort however water your boat is on.

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1✅ Designed with pretty color – Sunrise

2✅ Lightweight for a hard shell kayak

3✅ Single-layer polyethylene makes it durable

4✅ Sit-on-top hull for easy in and out

5✅ Seating capacity of 2 along with a child or pet

6✅ 4-way adjustable seat

7✅ Multiple footwells for comfortability

8✅ Front and rear T-handles for easy transportation

9✅ Usable everywhere – lake, river or ocean!

10✅ Self-water bailing

9✅ Super easy to pull


1⛔ No paddle included
2⛔ No built-in storage hatch


• What do we like about the Malibu Two Tandem Kayak?

We like it being lightweight, multiple-person seating space, durability, stability, SOT system, and many more about it.

• Does Ocean Kayak still make the frenzy?

Yes! They still do.

• Is Malibu Two Kayak good for fishing?

Being a sit-on-top and many other features mentioned in the review, it’s very good for fishing.

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Final words

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two can be your go-to kayak. Stability, security, comfort, durability, and you name it! It does just about everything.

You don’t necessarily have to buy different other kayaks if you got one of these. This solid model is very easy to set up and easier to control on the water. The comfortable seating of 2 with multiple footrests position gives scope to make great memories with your loved ones.

Transporting it into any waterhole near or distant is not hand aching at all for Its lightweight and T-handles. Get this excellent Sit-on-top kayak on your storage being ready for any kind of adventure on the water. I promise it’s a win!

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