Pungo 120 Review | Sit Inside Recreational Kayak


Tired of spending your vacation sitting at home while doing nothing? Do you want to seek something adventurous for a change without necessarily spending a fortune behind it? Well, how about looking into kayaking as a sport or hobby then?

Gone are the days when kayaking used to be regarded as only an extreme water sport. The adrenaline rush associated with this incredible sport can not only get your blood pumping, but it can also paint a beautiful and fun memory worth looking back into later.

The best thing about kayaking is that you do not necessarily need to have much prior experience. With the right gears and right company, you can turn a rather risky-seeming sport into something enjoyable and not to mention, safe.

Thanks to the overflowing demand for water sport gears in the market during summer season (in other words, holiday season), you can now find countless of the best kayaks being sold in bulk.

Pungo 120 Review

However, we know how hard it can be for a total newbie to embark on this adrenaline rushing sport without much knowledge regarding which kayak to invest into. After all, you would not want to waste a ton of cash over an unreliable kayak.

But don’t you worry about that. In this short yet informative Pungo 120 Review | Sit Inside Recreational Kayak article, we are going to cover all the things that you might need to know about this beautiful product.

Pungo 120 Review

Alongside just covering the various versatile features of this amazing kayak, we will also be including the honest users opinions regarding the product. We know how important feedback from previous customers can be to a future buyer, which is why we thought of including that section.

Anyways, enough with the dilly-dallying! Let us ump right into the review.

Quick Summary

For the first impression of this kayak, you will find this polyethylene product to have a very comfortable seating system. The color of this kayak is termed as “Breeze Blue”, thus making the product very easy to spot in the distance by river guides.

This one person kayak is perfect for small to moderately medium sized paddlers. The kayak comes with a very comfortable seating system called the Phase 3 Air Pro, which is known to be fully adjustable. You will find the seat to be very ergonomic in its design and built as well. The sitting area is covered with a breathable mesh honeycomb foam, thus allowing optimal air ventilation at all times.

Alongside a convenient seat, the kayak also comes equipped with a comfortable foot rest system which gives paddlers and kayakers better facility during long sessions over high pressured streams.

This amazing Pungo 120 kayak comes with a dashboard that features 2 cup holders, a convenient dry box, and a wilderness systems battery meant to keep your devices charged while you are on the go.

Sit Inside Recreational Kayak

The best thing about this kayak is probably its length. This 12 feet 2 inches feet Pungo kayak is compact enough to be stored away yet appropriate to house people of any built and physique with complete ease. The noteworthy size of the kayak also works to balance out the total weight distribution of the kayaker efficiently, therefore ensuring proper stability at all times.

You will also find this amazing kayak to come with an Orbix hatch where you can easily store away your extra gears and equipment’s without having to worry about anything getting wet or damaged.

Even though this kayak is pretty lightweight itself (approximately 49 pounds only), it can still easily withstand a total capacity of 325 pounds without showing any issues. We love how the product comes with a complete warranty period of 5 years, therefore making it easier for customers in seeking feedback and assistance regarding the product.

The only downside to this product that we found is that it does not come with paddles. This means you will have to separately purchase paddles in order to make use of this kayak. However, the range of versatile features associated with this high quality product sure do make up for the slight downside to it.

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Users Opinion About Pungo 120

As expected, a product this beautiful and abundant in features will definitely attract positive reviews. Customers who bought this kayak before enjoyed using it on shallow rivers and lakes. If you had to take our word for it, we would suggest you to invest into this kayak if you want something budget friendly, durable and trendy at the same time.

Though, the fact that this kayak is only a single person one is surely a bit regretful, however it still does pack in a lot of punch, which makes it unfair to completely disregard the product as a whole.

Our users expressed gratitude and happiness when describing the overall performance of this high quality kayak, so we bet you will reciprocate the same emotions as well.

Invest into this sturdy and large kayak if you want something to show off to your fellow kayakers out on the lakes. This beautiful product is more than just a kayak; it is a statement piece. So what are you waiting for?


  • Durable and strong polyethylene built
  • High quality seating system with comfortable back rest and well ventilated foam
  • Convenient foot rest around the lower region of the kayak also provides stability to kayakers on strong streams
  • The size of the kayak is well thought out, therefore making it appropriate for large built users as well
  • We love the extra features of the kayak, as they make the overall product seem very versatile and unique
  • Budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately this kayak can only accommodate one person at a time.

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Final Words

This is the best kayak to invest into if you enjoy taking some time to yourself in order to reenergize yourself during the weekends. Starting from the weight capacity to the built of this product, this pungo 120 kayak is absolutely perfect for one person kayakers. We really hope that you enjoyed reading this Pungo 120 Review.