Minn Kota Edge 45 lb Thrust Reviews

Minn Kota Edge 45 lb Thrust Reviews

Looking for a motor that’s perfect for smaller boats and big days on the water? Got it for you! I call it the game changer! If you want an old boring fishing boat into a strong and fun one, Minn Kota edge 45 lb thrust will do the trick for you. If the size can be deceiving had a face, this, one will have it.

This comparatively small-looking thrust is enough to give your regular fishing kayak the enjoyable speed you need. It is totally worth the money with all the great features and advantages it provides. Let’s break it down into my most awaited Minn Kota edge 45 lb thrust review.

Features of Minn Kota Edge 45 lb Thrust

5-speed control

They know different people according to their needs and needs at different speeds while kayaking. Considering that this motor is built-in with 5 different speed settings to choose from them to dial in the right speed control when you’re trolling. No more, no less – just the perfect amount of speed to float on water!

Power propeller

To push through heavy vegetation, Minn Kota edge 45 lb thrust can be your best choice. As for the motor diameters of 3-1/4″, the featured MKP-2 prop delivers extra power to push anything in its way including prop pin, nut, and washer. Its operational mode is 12v which is just more than enough for a powerful push to the boat.

Cable-steer foot pedal

Get full control of your motor just under your feet. It comes with an ultra-responsible heel-toe pedal which has all the control starting from speed control, momentary, and constant on or off. After some time of use, it felt so reflexive to control everything by the feet that it almost felt connected to my brain. Super easy system made it controllable by any fisherman.

Quality material

Don’t get fooled by the look, it may look compact but it is super durable at the same time. It has been constructed of high-quality material to make sure of its unparalleled durability. It also features an indestructible composite shaft. Being resistant to almost all troubles found in water keeps it stick to you for a pretty long time.

Strong body parts

Minn Kota Edge 45 lb Thrust comes all ready to give long-lasting fun on the water. It’s well made with each part being the epitome of strength. Its edge’s compact mount is constructed with extruded, anodized aluminum for optimum strength.

All other parts from the head to pedal are all impact-resistant material built, exactly what you want for use on a regular basis with your regular small boat. It comes with a strong edge motor, Prop, old-down strap and mounting hardware, and many more.

Easy installation

I always give extra priority to this point while choosing my go-to motor. Installation can either be the making or breaking point for any thrust or motor. To anyone who’s looking for a thrust easy to install, let me tell you I found it effortless while installing it with my boats.

Add my green flag with millions of others too. All I did was add a rock-solid Latch & Door mount and an impact-resistant composite head with Its cable-steer foot pedal. There I had my game changer! If you want more time to spend on fun stuff instead of installing it on your boat, wait no more. Here you have your charm!


✅ Durability
✅ Effortless
✅ 2-year warranty
✅ 36″ shaft
✅ Lightweight
✅ Quality material
✅ Directional indicator
✅ Heel block available


 ⛔ Not equally efficient for big boats.

FAQ Section

Is there a quick connect base plate that will work with this model?

A: Yes. I used the Minn Kota website to cross-check part numbers. The quick-connect plate is great. For extra security, It even has a spot for a padlock on the plate.

How long is the foot control cord?

A: It was 2 feet long when I checked.

Does the 36″ or 42″ shaft matter?

A: It does depend on the boat you have. You don’t want the motor in your lap when not fishing

Does it come with a Warranty?

A: yes it does in fact come with a 2-year warranty card.

Final words

You need just Minn Kota Edge 45 lb Thrust to transform something ‘last season’ and own an exceptionally great boat. The cool design with a powerful thrust is to set your excursion on a fun fishing machine.

With its great features, it will no doubt make your ride more and more comfortable and enjoyable. I promise with this you’ll have your best purchase this year and you will not stop boasting about this product. Grab one and enjoy the ride!

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