Sea Eagle 330 Review | Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

SE-330 Introduction

There are tons of hobbies and sports that you can indulge yourself into during the weekends and holidays, however none can ever compare to the adrenaline rush and joy you can get out of kayaking.

A sport as high endurance and nerve-wracking as this only deserves the best equipment’s and gears. For those of your reading this Sea Eagle 330 Review today, you are in luck! We are glad you made the right and smart choice of checking out this incredible product for your kayaking endeavors, as this product is amazingly efficient in letting you have a great time while also keeping you safe and sound.

Lots of articles on different sites will give you sugar coated reviews on this product, but that is not how we roll. In this article today, we are going to be completely and brutally honest when covering the features of this amazing kayak.

Is it really worth the purchase or should I leave reading this page already?” – Well, there is only one way to find out!

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this article and that the product also appeals to you, just how it appeals tremendously to us.

Quick Summary

Right off the bat, we can see that this high quality durable and comfortable synthetic material kayak sports a very minimalistic white color for the body, with eye-catching and striking blue accents around the border.

It is necessary for kayaks to be visibly bright in order to make it easier for river guides and passerby’s in spotting you in case you are in trouble. The blue borders on this kayak are definitely effective too.

This two person Sea Eagle 330 kayak is an inflatable one, meaning it is way easier to store this product away than kayaks which come in only one size and built. You should always go for inflatable kayaks if kayaking is something you only do occasionally. Inflatable products give you more command over storage and spacing.

You will find this incredible kayak to come with very large I-beam tubes for the floor of the product, thus making the kayak very strong and durable. A durable kayak floor ensures better speed and stability as well, so you should not compromise on this feature at all. This kayak has 5 I-Beam tubes in total.

The skegs on the kayak sit on the rear end of it, making it faster and much easier to float on high pressured water bodies. These skegs will ensure you spend less time pedaling and more time enjoying the scenery or simply the company of your loved one.

An amazing feature about the skegs is that they are constructed of very strong yet flexible plastic, therefore making it nearly impossible for anything to puncture or damage them.

Weighing only 26 pounds in total, this highly portable inflatable kayak can easily withstand up to a total of 500 pounds! The seats on this kayak are super durable alongside being completely adjustable. The seats also come with back rests so you can ride in style and of course, optimal comfort at all times.

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The valve on this kayak is an open and close one, therefore making inflating and deflating the product a piece of cake. With the purchase of this product, you will be receiving a convenient carry bag to store away the kayak once deflated, a foot pump to inflate the product and 2 paddles.

Since this is an inflatable synthetic kayak, you need to follow some basic rowing rules. Make sure to only use this kayak on shallow and slow running water, instead of high pressured streams.

This product can easily accommodate around 500 pounds at once, but try not to push its limits. If you want to include your pet to the mix as well, make sure to first inform the river guide first so they know who to look for in case things go awry.

Sea Eagle 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak


Users Opinions

It is very important for you as a customer to always check out previous customer feedback regarding the product you are interested in. When it comes to this product, the reviews and opinions are nothing but positive and affirmative.

Our users loved this Sea Eagle 330 kayak due to various reasons. For starters, the product is exceptionally budget friendly yet abundant in features. The features equipped in this kayak can easily give high end companies sporting expensive products a good run for their money.

Secondly, this kayak is also very light weight but sturdy at the same time; a jaw-dropping combination to look out for in kayaks. We would definitely suggest you to invest into this product as such a high quality inflatable kayak is surely hard to come by every day. So quit wasting your time and try out your luck with this incredible kayak!


  • Very durable synthetic built makes the kayak impenetrable
  • Strong yet flexible skegs not only balance out the kayak but also enhances speed and stability
  • High quality seating system
  • Convenient storage system
  • The storage system of this kayak is worth noting
  • Very budget friendly.


  • Apparently the inflation valves are placed rather inconveniently
  • The kayak feels heavier than stated. 

Final Words

No product out in the market can be the best, however our reviewed Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak sure comes close to being perfect. This incredible kayak is currently one of the best found adorning the market, therefore you can get a brief idea of how desirable this product really is.

We totally recommend you to invest into this high quality inflatable kayak if you want something worth your money. The product is easy to inflate and can get you jumping into the water within ten minutes. If you do not trust our words, at least give some credit to the users opinions; they’d never lie.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this Sea Eagle 330 Review and that it cleared your doubts regarding this amazing kayak. Thanks a bunch for sticking around till the very end with us!

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